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Solution to 40.5t quayside container crane of Dandong Port Group

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project summary

The crane is used for handling at large container terminal.

The crane is installed in front of the dock seaside, which is able to travel horizontally along the bank and change the working position. The crane is used for 20’/40’ international standard container handling. The rated hoisting weight is 41t.


Customer requirement

  1. The hoisting mechanism and cart running mechanism can work individually and synchronously when the crane is with load.
  2. The electrical drivers of the crane main working mechanisms are all digital AC frequency conversion and PLC speed control. The hoisting mechanism has the function of constant power speed control.
  3. Status monitoring and management system are set for the crane. The system has the function of data acquisition, analysis, management and fault diagnosis. The main parameters and running status can be displayed in the driver room for the detecting and monitoring.
  4. Safety devices are installed on the crane to ensure the running reliability and safety.


HITE integration is used as the electrical control system. The transmission module uses ABB ACS800 series ISU multi-transmission product. PLC uses SIEMENS S7-400 series and remote I/O series product. PLC communicates with speed regulator and touch screen by PROFIBUS-DP, exchanging data in the speed at maximum 12Mbps and fully monitoring the working status and detail information of the speed regulator. CMS communicates with PLC by 100M industrial Ethernet to construct the monitoring management system which real-time monitors the system working condition, provides complete fault information and make the running and maintenance easier.