HITE  has invested a lot in constructing high-power electronic R&D platform and the software and hardware R&D platform for intelligent manufacturing, developed a series of quality high-power electronic.


Patented Technology

Patented Technology

    Hite invests big amount of money to establish to R&D platforms: power electronics and industrial informatization, devoting major efforts to increase R&D investment and efforts. It bases on the requirements from industry customers, summing up the application experiences, establishing products and system solutions with intellectual property rights, having series of PCT international patents, national invention patents, patent of utility model and copyrights, forming complete system for intellectual property rights applying, examining, managing and achievement transformation.

一、National patents

Control method for computer based nuclear reactor rod control system

Anti-misoperation switch shielding method for computer based nuclear reactor rod control system

Gantry rigid and flexible leg displacement deviation correcting system

Tire type container gantry crane automatic electrical systems and methods

Anti dumping control system of gantry crane

Preventing lifting-article from free-gliding during lifting process ( gliding-proof hook ) monitoring device

Totally 47 items.

二、Computer software copyright registration

Hite NetSCADA Internet Monitoring Configuration Software V3.0

Hite NetSCADA Internet Monitoring Configuration Operating Software

Hite eControl Controller Programming Software V1.0

Hite HMC Handling Machine Control Software V1.0

Sewage Treating Constant Flow Water Supply Software

Hite WINGREEN Convertor System Control Software

Totally 23 items.