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Remote monitoring system for no. 101 container crane at Ningbo Beilun port

Publish Date:2012-01-30

HITE NetSCADA system was successfully applied at Ningbo Beilun port in 2004, which accomplish the remote monitoring for no. 101 container crane.


The container crane is the most important equipment among the port machines. The container crane has heavy working load, high utilization ratio and short fault repair time. Furthermore, the container crane is mobile and far from the monitoring office. To achieve the real-time monitoring, wireless network is used for no. 101 container crane monitoring system. HITE NetSCADA system is used as the software system.


The function of the new system is as follows:

  1. Graphical equipment status monitoring is accomplished locally for the container crane
  2. Real-time data alarm and log
  3. Accident tracing, to achieve the log and inquiry to the relevant data of before and after the accident time
  4. Statistic and report to the equipment production data
  5. Fast fault diagnosis
  6. Remote status monitoring and diagnosis to the equipment

The NetSCADA achieves equipment monitoring, reducing the fault maintenance time, making the inquiry to the equipment running data easier and improving the usability of the equipment. Moreover, remote monitoring is accomplished by wireless network, which makes the equipment management and control easier.


Monitoring system network diagram


Pictures of the scene