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Control system for ZPMC Sudan Container Handling Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Design all the electrical control part for ZPMC Sudan container handling gantry crane. The automated control system is self-developed on the basis of learning international techniques. All digital DC speed regulator, industrial control network and upper computer monitoring construct the standard system, with advantages of simple circuit, easy maintenance, high automation level and control accuracy, running stability, low noise, less electrical and mechanical shock, low labor intensity and less requirement to operators, which can be referred by other container handling gantry crane in building.


Main parameters:

Effective hoist load: 40t

Hoisting tool dimension: 20’/40’

Hoisting rotation: ±5°

DC hoisting motor: 1 166KW 880/1913r/min

DC cart motor: 2 15kW 1750r/min

DC carrier motro: 2 45kW 1650r/min

Voltage range: 0.9Un

Frequency range: 50Hz±4%