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Publish Date:2012-01-30

Guangzhou Metro Line 2 project

  1. Project summary

Guangzhou Metro Line 2 operates mileage of 23.265 kilometers, with 20 stations and 1 depot. Metro Line 2 was built and opened from Xiaogang to San Yuanli section, and then opened from Pazhou to San Yuanli the whole line. Comparing with Line 1, equipment of Line 2 was upgraded. The new techniques cover that central cooling system for all stations, platform screen door system partitioning the platform from the tunnel, non-contact IC card in automatic fare collection (AFC) compatible with Guangzhou bus “all-purpose card” and assistive stair tractors to be installed over 18 stations.


Guangzhou Metro Line 2 is a milestone in the history of traffic construction in China, whose localization rate is over 70%. When Line 2 has opened for 1 year, it was awarded in the top ten construction science and technology achievement award hold by China Ministry of Construction, together with the Shenzhou V project.

2.Network topology

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